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Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

About Me


My name is Niriti and I am an artist, classical dancer, leadership coach and HR professional living in the Netherlands.

 As an artist, I have dabbled in charcoal, ink, oil and water colors; made landscapes and Indian traditional and folk-art and have exhibited my artwork in the Netherlands and India. 20 years ago, sitting in a hotel in South Africa, I started evolving my own art form ‘Zenolistic’ which is a holistic meditative form of art feeding off and offering positive energy. It helps connect to and celebrate all things surrounding us - nature, people, emotions….

This art form was inspired by henna and powered by my yearning to discover peace, balance and harmony. Image and form are the emblems of beauty in this art, besides being portals to nature, mythology and culture. The intricate detailing is inspired by and mirroring Indian culture, its many epics, and topical flora and fauna tied together by the fluid lines. I love to tease the viewers to unravel the layers and draw new meanings with every viewing. My artworks are in color and in monochrome.

Today I offer the same positive energy and art not only in the form of paintings, but as wearable art – Jewelry and Handbags.

No two pieces of this collection are exactly the same as I want to celebrate the uniqueness in everyone and create individual pieces of art for you to own and enjoy. To create this uniqueness, I travel the world to pick up handmade/local beads, cloth and design styles to make my Jewelry. There is nothing as beautiful as the matching of souls when an African scarf is put together with semi-precious stone beads from Brazil and holds a hand-made wood pendant from Indonesia supporting the art that I make.

I am thoroughly enjoying creating these pieces and hope that you will enjoy wearing them. I also do customized orders for special occasions and will be happy to create the pieces that are special to you.

Have fun exploring!!

 Warmly, Niriti