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Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Win a gift card worth 50 Euros to get something special for a special mom from

In 3 simple steps:

1. Check out the pop up on😍

2. Enter your name and email, the name of the mom you want to nominate and a 50 words description to tell us why she is so special. 👸🏻

3. Copy and Paste/ Share this info with your friends and ask them to support your nomination by nominating the same person.🙏🏻

💞The Mom with the most nominations wins!



1. All nominations will be showcased- we want to celebrate all the special moms who get nominated.

2. The supporting nominations will be attached to the original nominations.

3. Any bogus email addresses used for supporting nominations will disqualify the original nomination. 

4. The winner will be announced on Mother’s Day.

5. The gift card needs to be used at one time in my website - Any remaining value cannot be carried over. It cannot be exchanged for money. 

6. The card card is applied on total costs - product+tax+shipping.

Enjoy! And may the best mom win!!